Well integrity software ensures early identification and timely resolution of issues

In Brief
Expro’s well integrity software, SafeWells, fundamental in ensuring early identification and timely resolution of issues for Marathon Oil
Product Line
Europe CIS
  • Marathon Oil recognised the need to develop an online database to capture their well integrity data for maturing assets in the North Sea – previously it was stored across the organisation by individual departments and would be time consuming to collate, resulting in inefficiencies when auditing, trending and reporting 
Expro Excellence
  • Expro’s unique SafeWells well integrity management tool introduced to Marathon and subsequently implemented
  • Working in conjunction with Marathon, Expro provided a systematic approach to well integrity management
  • Ability to customise the SafeWells package specifically to Marathon’s needs by the introduction of rules attached to questions regarding inflow pressures and pressure build ups; failures are automatically determined against preset rules; each is then rated and the accumulative score determines the integrity status of the well 
Value to client
  • The database has become a focal point to help facilitate Marathon’s well integrity management processes and philosophies
  • Expro worked within the customer’s requirement to facilitate a seamless transition from the existing paper-based forms so that the online system had a similar look and feel
  • The SafeWells system introduced a web- based database, which allows access to the same dataset by both well site and office personnel
  • Data analysis capabilities were strengthened to analyse results and make informed decisions relating to both policies and procedures, and equipment reliability
  • Real time well integrity with an auditable trail of operations and documentation is further enhanced by the ability to store additional electronic data such as certification, photographs or scanned pressure charts appended to the well or component
  • Critical data is charted while ‘triggers’, specific to Marathon’s policies and procedures, can be set on each data field to flag abnormalities ensuring relevant personnel are immediately informed of any problems 

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