Professional papers

Expro’s employees are proud to participate in a number of professional paper schemes. This includes collaboration with a number of clients to continuously promote latest technology, best practice and success.

You can read a selection of our paper abstracts below. If you wish to download the full paper, you can do so via the appropriate professional body website using the reference number in the abstract.

Mobile Gas Lift Compressor and Well Unloading System for Enhancing Oil Production and Reserves Reducing Reservoir Uncertainty During Appraisal and Development Application of Sonar Flow Measurement for Field Wide Surveillance of a Mature Gas Field New Approach For In-Line Production Testing for Mature Oil Fields Using Clamp-on SONAR Use of Sonar Metering to Optimize Production in Liquid Loading Prone Gas Wells Accurate Volumetric Flow Rate and Density Based Water New Class of Meter Solves Old Problem Impacting Well Test Accuracy Lessons Learned From Statfjord A Oil Spill and Actions Taken to Reduce Spill Risk The Seven Pillars of Well Integrity Management A New Wireless Retrofit Solution A Systematic Approach to Well Integrity Management Challenges in Working Over-severely Corroded Water Injectors for PWRI Application Development Qualification of a New Wireless Controlled Retrofit Safety Valve Integrating Quantitative and Qualitative Rock Strength Data in Sanding Prediction Novel Wireless Solution to Address uncertainties in Reservoir Connectivity Qualification of the Deepwater Subsea Well Intervention system “AX-S” for 10,000ft Operations Ormen Lange: Delivering Production Optimisation and an Improved Reservoir Understanding Integrating Quantitative & Qualitative Reservoir Data in Sand Prediction Studies Harsh environment HPHT Gas-Condensate Production Clean-up experiences - Kristin Field The Challenges of Designing HP/HT Equipment Clair Field: Reducing Uncertainty in Reservoir Connectivity During Reservoir Appraisal Wellbore Cleanup Best Practices – A North Sea Operator’s Experiences