Expro restore production from previously closed-in wells enhancing field production

In Brief
Expro restores production from previously closed-in wells, enhancing field production levels
Product Line
Asia, Middle East And North Africa
  • An operator in South East Asia originally identified a number of wells offshore that were unable to flow through their production facilities due to low flowing wellhead pressures – these wells were shut-in and thus not contributing to field production
  • Expro were challenged to find a mean to restore production from these wells so as to enhance field production levels 
Expro Excellence
  • Expro designed and installed bespoke packages of well unloading equipment, comprising multi-well manifolds, separation equipment, gas compressors and high volume/pressure pumps to allow the low pressure wells to be put back onto production – oil from these wells was pumped back into the production line at normal line pressure
  • The Expro design for the well unloading package was modular, portable and engineered to accommodate a range of flowing well conditions
  • Expro supports each well unloading package in the field with a full crew of operators and supervisors, providing 24-hour operational coverage and maintenance support
  • Well unloading packages have also been used to enhance production from existing flowing wells by reducing the production system back pressure that they need to flow against
  • To complement the well unloading packages, Expro have also offered enhanced gas lift or secondary recovery through integrated gas compression and water injection packages 
Value to client
  • Production restored from previously closed-in wells that were otherwise unable to flow
  • Incremental production delivered without any well intervention activity
  • Best in class operational performance with historical uptimes of up to 99% reliability and the highest rating of HSE performance
  • Packages are flexible and mobile, allowing easy redeployment between platforms and fields
  • Fully nationalised crews and management structure 

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