Well Intervention

A leading global provider of well intervention services

A leading global provider of well intervention services

A safer and smarter well integrity and intervention solutions partner

Expro is a leading global provider of well intervention services.  We are the world's largest independent wireline service supplier, employing more than 700 people in support of our wireline operations globally.

We have an established track record across all aspects of well intervention and employ some of the industry's most experienced hands.

Our teams across the world make approximately 12,000 wireline runs in to our customers' wells every month and we continue to invest in developing the leading-edge technologies needed to optimise performance from their wells.

Our well intervention solutions span the following three key areas:

  • Well intervention services:
    • Slickline services
    • Electric line services
    • Heavy duty wireline fishing
    • Explosive services
  • Cased hole intervention:
    • Caliper services
    • Downhole video and camera services
    • Perforating services
    • Non-explosive tubing punch and cuts
    • Tubing punch and cuts
    • Plug and packer setting
    • Production logging and memory gauges
  • Well services:
    • Wellhead servicing and maintenance
    • SafeWells
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