Metering, sampling and analysis services

Metering, sampling and analysis services

Fully integrated package of hydrocarbon reservoir and process fluid flow measurement, sampling and analysis services 

Expro offers metering, sampling and analysis services during hydrocarbon reservoir processing. This data is essential for our customers to enable them to accurately assess reservoir size, reservoir impurities, metering strategy and production profile to optimise design of their process facilities.

Expro is the most technically proficient and best equipped service provider in this discipline available to the oil and gas industry. Our service offerings to our customers are based on three clear principles: 

  • Highest measurement standards
  • Highest standards of competence, traceability and certification
  • Best customer service


  • Metering
  • Sampling
  • Analysis
  • PVT analysis
  • MultiScale™
  • Analytical Data Services (ADS)
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