Well Intervention

Clamp-on SONAR meters are a useful tool to validate the effectiveness of well intervention programs, establishing pre and post production rates in real time at the well site.

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ESP Lifted Well

Clamp-on SONAR meters are used for ESP surveillance, optimizing production real time and providing useful diagnostics on run life.

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Production Surveillance

Accurate real time measurement of individual well production is critical to reservoir management, production optimization and well intervention planning.

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Inline Production Testing

SonarTest™ offers an advantage over conventional well testing: Installation without process shutdown, non-intrusive cost effective design and zero flaring.

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Drilling Fluids

Non intrusive real-time flow measurement of drilling mud during drilling and completion operations.

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Managed Pressure Drilling

Non-intrusive SONAR meters are used to measure the circulating mud flow on the high pressure side on the MPD drilling package.


WAG Wells

Clamp-on SONAR meters are well suited to surveillance on Water Alternating Gas wells. One meter is capable of measuring both gas and water cycles, at the wellhead.


Gas Injection Metering

Non-intrusive SONAR meters are used for measuring gas injection flow rates, at the wellhead, allowing operators to optimize pressure support.


Gas Lift Injection

Non-intrusive SONAR meters are used to measure gas lift injection rates at the wellhead and when used in combination with production testing allows for optimization of the well.

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CO₂ Injection

Non-intrusive SONAR meters are operable with high CO₂content in injection gas and are used on CO₂disposal wells and miscible gas injection projects.


Well Clean Up on High Gas Rate Wells

The large turn down allows the SONAR meter to be used from well clean up, when the separator is on bypass, up to the maximum achievable gas rate.


Pipeline Leak Detection

Clamp-on SONAR meters are used as a measurement component of an integrated pipeline leak detection system.


Water Injection

Clamp-on SONAR meters are used on high pressure water injection wells.

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Gas, Oil or Water Separator Outlet

The clamp-on nature of SONAR meters enable use as metering for production separators, where existing inline meters are removed for repair or calibration.


Overboard Water Discharge

Clamp-on SONAR meters are used on overboard discharged lines.

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Compressor Metering

Non-intrusive SONAR meters are used to measure gas compressor output, assist with optimizing compressor settings, and when required, help identify issues with compressor performance.

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Check Metering

The portable design of the clamp-on SONAR meter allows easy deployment alongside existing inline metering to periodically validate measurement and meteorological performance.

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GVF Metering

Installed on the liquid leg of a gas/liquid separator, our meter provides real-time entrained gas measurement to correct the over-reading of inline meters such as Turbine, Coriolis and others.

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Export Line Metering

Clamp-on SONAR meters are, effectively, used on large diameter export and trunk lines.

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Tanker Offloading

Non-intrusive SONAR meters are used onboard shuttle tankers as an important part of the vessel’s loading spill detection and alarm system.

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Flare Metering

Non-intrusive SONAR meters have a wide turn-down ratio, they're well suited for the variability of flare gas measurement.


Cavern Storage

Non-intrusive SONAR meters are used in Brine transfer applications, measuring flow rate and the potential for entrained gas released from the hydrocarbon product.

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1. Well intervention
2. ESP lifted well
3. Production surveillance
4. Inline production testing
5. Drilling fluids
6. Managed pressure drilling
7. WAG wells
8. Gas injection metering
9. Gas lift injection
10. CO₂ injection
11. Well clean up on high gas rate wells


12. Pipeline leak detection
13. Water injection
14. Gas, oil or water separator outlet
15. Overboard water discharge
16. Compressor metering
17. Check metering
18. GVF metering
19. Export line metering