In order to address some of the challenges faced in reservoir engineering and PVT analysis techniques, the industry demands that downhole fluid samples are truly representative. Expro aims to fulfil this requirement with their complete range of sampling services.

This includes tubing conveyed bottom hole sampling, wireline, wellhead, separator sampling and also sample transfer systems into our in-house designed shipping containers and pressurized bottles (for single phase sample transportation), developed for different analytical objectives.

Our sampling tools and sample bottles are designed to cope with the extremes of pressure, temperature and the corrosive fluids encountered in deep, sour wells.

Our single phase bottom hole non-reactive samplers, sample carriers and surface sampling equipment is state of the art and designed to ensure that representative reservoir fluid samples are obtained. Our PVT experts liaise with the sampling teams to ensure that optimum samples are obtained.

Single phase sampling tools

Pressure Compensated Sampler is a single-phase bottom hole sampling tool with a pressure compensation system to keep the sample in monophasic condition from the reservoir to the surface. The tool can be deployed by carrier or run on slickline, electric-line or coiled tubing.

Sample transfer unit

PCS bottomhole sample transfer unit enables preparation of sampling tools and sample transfer once they are recovered to surface. Transfer into either single or dual phase positive displacements cylinders is achieved rapidly and without the requirement of sample recombination, thereby eliminating the chances of compromising the samples.

Tubing Conveyed Sampling (TCS)

TCS is a tool for bottom hole sampling of petroleum reservoirs. The TCS can host four single-phase samplers, wireless firing from surface, mechanical clock, el-timers or rupture discs. The tool can be operated in extreme wells with high pressure and temperature without compromising the safety. Carrier sections can be added if additional samples is required.

Sample bottles

A single-phase sample bottle is a unique system for monophasic PVT sample transportation, keeping the sample at reservoir pressure or above, all the way to the laboratory. The bottles are designed for extreme conditions and allows analyses of chemicals components such as H2S, mercaptans and mercury.

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