PVT analysis

In order to address the challenges faced in reservoir engineering and PVT analysis techniques, the industry demands that downhole fluid samples are truly representative.  Expro can fulfill this requirement through its complete range of sampling services.  Our PVT experts liaise with the sampling teams to ensure that optimum samples are obtained.

Wireline fluid samples collected during logging operations can offer early characterisation of the reservoir fluid and yield invaluable information to help plan the next stage of the testing or appraisal process.

Expro has designed and constructed mobile laboratory systems to provide objective high quality data which can be used as an independent verification of sample quality, whichever logging vendor is used.


SmartLab is designed to determine the quality and contamination level of samples retrieved. The system can be tailored to measure as many parameters as possible, detailing hydrocarbons, water and trace elements. We offer our technical knowledge and experience on site to assist the tool operator in securing the best possible fluid sample.

SmartLab provides onsite PVT sample validation and detailed compositional analysis for oil, water and gas.


Customers can obtain PVT onsite well fluid analysis service results in as little as eight hours with our TurboPVT service. This is an on-site reservoir fluid analysis service which delivers speedy and accurate PVT data based on a combination of measurements and tuned Equation of State (EOS) predictions.

This equipment is compact and is especially cost-effective for operations in remote locations where logistics are challenging.

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