Expro is the market leader in mineral scaling simulation software and uses acknowledged PVT packages and EOS. Program parameters are updated with latest available data from reliable sources and pH predictions have been verified by Expro, with actual measurements at high temperature and pressure. The multiscale software consists of one basic package and three add-ons. A general package for single point or multiple stream calculations, a module for systems with addition of triazine scavengers,  a second for MEG systems and a third for process simulation.

MultiScale™ add-ons

MultiScale™ process simulation

A simplified and sophisticated way to see what happens in your process system when you change inlet streams, rates, temperatures and pressures. This module makes it easy to simulate various scenarios. Simply add all units from your process setup, let the software do the rest.

MultiScale™ MEG

Prediction of scaling potential for water/glycol mixtures in wet gas condensate pipelines, MEG regeneration plants, etc. Get reliable scale predictions for water co-solvent systems up to 90 wt% co-solvent.

MultiScale™ H2S 

This new module allows you to see what happens to the mineral scaling potential when introducing a triazine based scavenger into your process system. Use the calculated pH-data for corrosion calculations. 

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