Surge tank

The pressurised test tank is used to store produced liquids before they are disposed and can also be used as an additional stage of separation. The dual compartment surge tank allows for a hard piped vent to be run to a safe area. The tank operates with a back pressure controller in the gas line which allows the vessel to be used minimising the danger of H2S contaminated gas venting off locally in the test area.

Surge tanks normally operates up to 50 PSIG (available in higher pressure ranges) and is protected from gas blow-by from the separator oil line with a relief valve to prevent overpressure and possible rupture. The gas relieving capacity of a standard surge tank (fitted with pressure relief valve vent) is in the order of +/- 13 MMscf/d.

The unit offers complete flexibility of operation, including bypassing and/or co-mingling oil, gas or water with inlet and outlet hammer union connections.

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