Steam heater

The Expro steam heater offers a high-efficiency heat transfer with a small foot print. The steam heater is mounted on a sturdy, oilfield-type skid with a lifting/crash frame enclosure designed to DNV 2.7-3 and API-RP2A. Heat transfer is accomplished by applying superheated steam directly to the high-pressure upstream pre-heat process tube bundle with a full opening two inch adjustable choke separating the low-pressure downstream post-heat process tube bundle.

The tubes are sealed in an ASME vessel set with automated steam process controls for both temperature and pressure control. Steam condensate is directed to a steam trap for recycling back to the steam generator. The steam heater comes with a high-pressure diverter (by-pass) manifold on the inlet to the outlet for bypassing the tube bundles. Safety systems in this type of heater include a relief valve and rupture disc located on the heater vessel, and a fail-safe temperature control device. A high pressure pilot monitoring the vessel pressure is available for interfacing with an Expro ESD system. The steam heater is built in accordance with Expro's engineering standards and practices which meets or exceeds most international standards and codes, and is offered with third party independent design review certification and fabrication certificate of conformance.


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