Sea Emerald Burner technology

The Sea Emerald™ well test burner provides a clean, efficient disposal of produced oil/well affluent during well test operations and cleanup work.

An independent environmental laboratory test found that the Sea Emerald™ burner operates at 99.993% efficiency under a wide range of conditions.

The burners have a unique nozzle design that uses compressed air to atomise the oil in a mixing chamber. Internal air mix atomisers produce much smaller hydrocarbon droplets than conventional burners. Smaller droplets burn faster, eliminating the potential for raw hydrocarbons to fall out of the flame.

Carefully positioned multiple burner tips create maximum flame turbulence and air ingestion. Multiple tips discharge the well affluent in a unique array. The combination of atomised droplets and maximum air ingestion makes the burn very clean.

An efficient pilot system with remote igniters provides the ignition source for the finely atomised spray.

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