Expro behaviours champion: Partner customers

11th November 2015

Expro regularly recognises employees that display one of the company’s seven core behaviours as part of their daily activities in their role.

Partner customers: We build and sustain high value partnerships with our customers and colleagues
Name: Carolina Uribe Stopkoski
Job Title: Internal Sales Coordinator, Meters
Base: Wallingford, Connecticut

Responsible for handling sales enquiries and responses for Expro’s Meters product line, Carolina supports sales managers in following up with opportunities, handles online inquiries, undertakes market research, provides order support to customers and sales staff, and creates and submits proposals.

She comments: “Educating clients on our products and technology as well as our commercial applications is an important part of my partnership with customers. I coordinate communications between sales, operations, and manufacturing, providing streamlined assistance – key to maintaining a successful client relationship.

“It’s important to have clear communication between our sales team and customers in order to provide the best possible service by assisting in the transition from inquiry to education of our customer to testing to proposal, right through to the final sales process.”

Wendy Cyr, a colleague of Carolina’s, added: “Carolina’s positive attitude means she truly partners with our customers so they have a helpful main point of contact throughout the entire sales process.

“A native of Columbia and a relatively new Expro employee, Carolina put her bi-lingual skills to good use straightaway offering assistance in interpretation with our Spanish customer base, putting them at ease when discussing important projects.

“Since starting with the team, Carolina has not only proven to be an excellent contact for our customers, but is diligent in checking the ‘small print’ and following up with our in-house teams to ensure clients obtain the best products and services for their needs.”

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