Wireless gauge installation for operations using PCP for artificial life during well testing

In Brief
CaTS™ wireless gauge installation provides technical breakthrough for operations utilising PCP for artificial lift during well testing
Product Line
Wireless Well Solutions
Sub-Saharan Africa
  • An operator in offshore East Africa required real-time pressure and temperature measurements while testing multiple zones in order to define the ongoing development campaign for the field
  • Due to the nature of the produced hyrdocarbons, a progressive cavity pump (PCP) was required in the well
Expro Excellence
  • An opportunity was identified to instrument the well with CaTS gauges during the test, thus enabling surface read out (SRO) data to be captured throughout the testing operation, and subsequent monitoring and optimisation of the PCP unit
  • Multiple DST runs were performed on the well using below tester valve and below packer gauge stations
  • A CaTS gauge carrier was used below the tester vavle (the primary station), whilst gauges were also externally clamped onto the tailpipe below the packer (the secondary station)
  • SRO data was received at surface throughout the operation of the PCP, despite the noise, proving the concept of using CaTS gauges in artificial lift operations
Value to client
  • An SRO data point was received at surface every 90 seconds from the primary gauge station, whilst a data point was received every 30 minutes from the secondary tailpipe station
  • The SRO data was used as the primary means to monitor the pump intake pressure and the resultant downdraw on the sand face
  • Provided a means to ascertain the proper function of the downhole TCP guns and the operation of the pressure operated tester valve (POTV)
  • The SRO function allowed the client to terminate the test early due to real-time monitoring and analysis of the reservoir data and pressure transient during the build-ups

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