Innovative modular package avoids modifications to rig to achieve first oil target

In Brief
Expro’s innovative approach to modular package engineering avoids modifications to rig, allowing operator to meet first oil target, removing scheduling delays
Product Line
Well Testing
Europe CIS
  • Expro was approached to work with a North Sea operator when a new team were appointed to a field development project
  • Already behind preliminary deadline schedules, the client had an aggressive timeline for first oil despite facing significant project delays
  • Clean up and production testing of the wells was key to extending the life of the subsea well and avoiding costly interventions - a dedicated and compact well test clean up package was required
  • The deck loading for the well test package exceeded the design limits of the drilling rig however the client were unable to release the rig to port for modification if first oil schedule was to be achieved 
Expro Excellence
  • An innovate modular well testing package
  • Expro surveyed the rig and completed a preliminary proposal, inclusive of design loading calculations, to demonstrate a modular well testing package that could fully support its own weight and spread this weight uniformly over the existing rig deck structure
  • Expro’s innovative solution allowed the client to continue with their drilling program without any delay or lost time that would have been associated with costly rig modifications
  • All work was performed by Expro and their subcontractors in Stavanger, where the client was able to view progress and witness the final system integration test between the false deck and the well test modules
  • Sea fasteners for the false deck were installed by a three-man crew and was performed as an offline activity ahead of the load out of the false deck
  • The false deck was loaded out in four sections and lifted onto the rig and directly laid down onto the pre-installed sea fastenings – once installed Expro were able to route the services (flow lines, relief lines, power and air) ahead of the well test modules arriving 
Value to client
  • Avoided the rig having to undergo modifications, which in turn would have negatively affected the drilling schedule
  • Solution provided by Expro enabled the client to catch up on their project deadlines and achieve first oil ahead of schedule
  • A more efficient modular package with a smaller footprint
  • Cost savings due to a quicker installation:
  • -Improved flexibility in package shipments
  • -Improved equipment access due to skid and walkway layout
  • Safety:
  • -Reduction in crane operations (as well as freeing up the crane)
  • -Man hour reduction during installation
  • -Lighter equipment and less manual handling
  • -Less exposure to hydrocabons 

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