ViewMax camera inspection saves $1.5 and avoids costly future interventions

In Brief
Deepwater riser/BOP inspection with downhole video saves GOM operator $1.5million as well as avoiding costly interventions in the future
Product Line
Well Intervention
North and Latin America
  • An operator in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) finished completing a deepwater well in 4,300 ft of water but wanted to inspect the 19” riser and BOP stack for debris that might be sitting on a ledge in the stack 
Expro Excellence
  • Expro recommended the ViewMax system, which combines the high-fidelity, fibre optic video system with the rotating side view camera providing a detailed view of the different elements within the BOP stack – a side view camera is the only absolute way of verifying if debris was in the stack on top of the rams without pulling out the riser and BOP to the surface 
Value to client
  • The downhole video images were instrumental in confirming the customer had nothing to worry about and they could continue to complete their well without fear of debris falling into the well
  • Avoidance of potentially undertaking a multi-million dollar intervention in the future
  • Estimated savings of approx. $1.5 million – based on the cost per day of deepwater drill ships and the time it would take to pull the riser and BOP stack to visually check for debris 

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