Using sonar flow meters as part of an integrated well intervention strategy

In Brief
Using Expro’s sonar flow meters as part of an integrated well intervention strategy
Product Line
  • Well intervention offers the potential to improve and/or extend the production profile of a well in production
  • Expro Meters aims to help operators increase safety and minimise the cost of intervention whilst improving well economics
  • Decisions on intervention programmes are often made with limited and outdated production data 
Expro Excellence
  • Technology used: SonarTest™; ActiveSONAR™ flow meter; PassiveSONAR™ flow meter; Well Test Studio™
  • Sonar meters deployed using Expro’s SONARTest service: small footprint of kit and ancillary equipment
  • Expro Meters field technicians deployed to install meters, obtain data, report preliminary rates at the well site and produce a full well test report pre and post intervention operations
  • Non-intrusive – clamp-on and requires no modification of the surface flow lines
  • Sonar meters have been successfully deployed in intervention campaigns employing the following intervention techniques:

–  Water wash halite removal

–  Batch foam treatment

–  Coiled tubing nitrogen lift gas well deliquification

–  Tubing plug zonal isolation

–  Cement squeeze zonal isolation 

Value to client
  • Cost-effective individual well surveillance
  • Data gives the wells team the opportunity to evaluate individual well performance and feed the preliminary data into the intervention planning process
  • Ability to avoid the unexpected and develop targeted campaigns for each well
  • Minimises the number of well intervention operations – reducing costs and NPT
  • Expro’s sonar meters have successfully diagnosed falling production associated with:

–  ESP failure

–  Storm choke failure

–  Halite build up

–  Liquification of gas wells

–  Packer failure – cross flow between zones 


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