Sonar surveillance sucessfully supports woodside to increase production

In Brief
Sonar surveillance for large diameter trunk lines sucessfully support Woodside Petroleum’s challenge to increase production
Product Line
Asia, Middle East And North Africa
  • Woodside Petroleum operates the North West Shelf Project facilities, which constitute Australia’s largest oil and gas resource development, accounting for more than 40% of Australia’s oil and gas production.
  • The North West Shelf Project has two trunk lines connecting four offshore platforms to the onshore processing facility. Woodside wanted to increase production from the field but were restricted by the flow capacity in one of the trunk lines. 
Expro Excellence
  • ActiveSONAR™ flow meter applied to trunk line 30” in diameter and 1” thick, precluding the use of conventional clamp on meters
  • Mobilised quickly, with no process shutdown
  • ActiveSONAR™ meter measured the full range of flows, up to approximately one billion standard cubic feet per day 
Value to client
  • Installation of an in-line flow meter would be cost prohibitive and would require lengthy shut down
  • Expro were able to work with Woodside Petroleum while they implemented a mode of operation that would allow flow balancing across the two trunk lines
  • This mode of operations required an accurate flow rate measurement on the trunk lines to ensure integrity limits were not breached in the new flow mode
  • Woodside Petroleum reported results within 5% accuracy of production measurement 

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