Sonar meter used in surface flow rate reference injection logging tool (ILT) surveys

In Brief
Expro’s sonar meter used in surface flow rate reference injection logging tool (ILT) surveys
Product Line
Asia, Middle East And North Africa
  • The client, with a mature oil field onshore in Iraq, utilising electrical submersible pumps (ESP) for artificial lift across the field has invested in water injection facilities, associated infrastructure, and injection wells to provide pressure maintenance to allow the ESP to operate above the reservoir bubble point as a method of production optimisation
  • The client had a requirement to perform regular ILT campaigns to optimise pressure maintenance across the field 
Expro Excellence
  • Expro Meters were called out to support a campaign of injection logging tests on 25 injection wells
  • Responsible for improved ILT data confidence at well site
  • Provided the client and 3rd party logging company with accurate, real time surface flow rate
  • Travelled to site daily and rigged up in less than one hour 
Value to client
  • Client (and 3rd party logging company) were assured with high degree of confidence in well site ILT measurements, reducing the number of passes
  • Availability of an accurate surface total injection rate also afforded the opportunity to look for cross-flow in the well and identify any thief zones
  • Maximised water injection efficiency and utilisation across the field despite capacity restrictions on existing sea water injection treatment and injection facilities
  • Reduced duration of in-well ILT operations