Sonar flow meters for water treatment floatation cell optimisation

In Brief
Using Expro’s sonar flow meters for water treatment floatation cell optimisation
Product Line
  • Expro was contacted by a major operator in the Gulf of Mexico for a trial demonstration of Expro’s sonar expertise against the incumbents meter currently in place 
Expro Excellence
  • Expro installed a 12” PassiveSONAR™ flow meter to the float cell system to monitor the total flow rate of the produced water/recycled gas mixture, in addition to monitoring the mixtures gas void fraction (GVF)
  • Testing over a wide range of fluid loading:

–  Varied produced water flow rate

and regime

–  Varied injection gas pressure and flow rate

  • Technology used: 12” PassiveSONAR™ flow meter; PassiveSONAR GVF output; Well Test Studio™
  • The trial validated the PassiveSONAR™ flow meters suitability for float cell process monitoring and optimisation:

–  Two-in-one measurement of volumetric flow rate and GVF

–  Non-intrusive and quick installation

–  No process interruption

–  No leak potential and no pressure drop

–  Minimal HSE risk and no maintenance requirements

–  Easy to integrate the digital output into the existing DCS 

Value to client
  • Expro’s PassiveSONAR™ flow rate measurement compared closely to the existing meter, however Expro’s solution had the added benefit of also monitoring GVF – the GVF measure can be incorporated into the floatation cell control loop to optimise the system performance
  • The sonar meter:

–  Accurately measured the volumetric flow rate of the mixture

–  Measured the (GVF) of the water/gas mixture

–  Monitored the combination of the two measurements (volumetric gas flow and GVF) for individual phase flow rates