Providing solutions that save rig time and a costly work over

In Brief
Expro’s Well Intervention team provides solution to a new client, saving rig time and a costly work-over
Product Line
Well Intervention
Asia, Middle East And North Africa
  • GBRS Algeria experienced, through their incumbent slickline services company, a number of miss-run plugs and incorrectly set gas lift valves
  • 33 runs had been undertaken by the incumbent to plug the well and change out various dummy injection valves from the side pocket mandrels
  • After many failures, Expro were called for advice and to find a solution for the challenge 
Expro Excellence
  • Expro undertook an audit, reviewed previous slickline reports, and quickly established:
  • –  Incorrect tools had been previously run in the well
  • –  A dummy valve had been damaged in one of the gas lift pockets - previous operations had been to trying pass by this to gain access to the plug below
  • –  Pressure was rising in the tubing and the annulus
  • Despite the challenges associated with the well, Expro proposed and undertook to deliver a solution
  • Expro personnel prepared one of the client’s gas lift mandrels in the Expro workshop to show a setting and retrieval of the dummy valve with the correct tools
  • Innovative approach: various Expro slickline tools were modified to aid the retrieval
  • Full step-by-step support was given to the client as well as supporting them by explaining the correct running and pulling procedures which should be used 
Value to client
  • Expro provided a solution that the incumbent service provider could not
  • The well was successfully returned to a usable condition after retrieval of the deformed dummy valve
  • Without Expro’s expertise, the well would have been shut in and a costly work-over performed 

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