Providing a flow measurement solution for NAM (Nederland’s Aardolie Maatschappij)

In Brief
Providing a flow measurement solution for NAM
Product Line
Europe CIS
  • Nederlands Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM) had an immediate requirement to optimise a compressor used to boost production across a number of gas wells. Measurement was required at the compressor inlet and outlet while cycling production from individual wells.
Expro Excellence
  • 6” ActiveSONAR™ clamp on surveillance meter installed
  • Mobilised quickly: specialist technician and equipment onsite within five days of initial request
  • No production shutdown on the existing pipework upstream of the production manifold 
Value to client
  • Avoided significant cost in repairing the equipment and a delay in production
  • Initial request was only to collect flow data, however the simplicity and versatility of the Expro solution allowed the NAM’s engineers to expand the offshore programme to evaluate results at the well site, adjust the compressor train and move the meter to collect data from around the plant
  • NAM engineers were able to identify the failure of an ancillary component in the compressor train 

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