Production surveillance on ESP lifted wells optimises installation

In Brief
Expro’s production surveillance on ESP lifted wells optimises installation and extends the ESP operational life
Product Line
Asia, Middle East And North Africa
  • Approximately 120,000 oil wells across the world are equipped with electrical submersible pumps (ESPs) with significant investment by operators to install them – maximising their lift efficiency and extending their operational life is imperative to the ROI 
Expro Excellence
  • Expro has deployed its clamp-on SonarTest™ surveillance service on hundreds of ESP lifted wells to measure the production of the well and the lift efficiency of the ESP
  • Consists of Expro’s PassiveSONAR™ flow meter, which is clamped onto the wellhead production pipework – non-intrusive solution
  • PassiveSONAR™ flow meter is integrated with a PVT and multiphase flow engine to calculate the properties of the produced fluids and the individual flow rates
  • Flexible - can be installed either upstream or downstream of the choke manifold
  • Quick installation – requires approximately 60 minutes for installation and commissioning, allowing multi-rate testing of wells in one day
  • Easy deployment – only 1 or 2 Expro field technicians required and as the system is lightweight and portable it can be easily transported to the well site by a small vehicle or offshore via a single-man lift package 
Value to client
  • Clients step through several ESP drive frequencies during sonar testing to evaluate the production rate at various set points
  • Data provided by Expro ensure correct installation of ESPs, monitors and diagnoses the performance of ESPs to optimise drive frequency and choke settings, and to detect the onset of mechanical failure
  • Enables intelligent decision making to maximise production rates and data influences work-over strategies and extends the run life of ESPs 

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