Expro provide gas-to-power Early Production Facility (EPF) in Cameroon

In Brief
Expro provide gas-to-power Early Production Facility (EPF) in Cameroon
Product Line
Sub-Saharan Africa
  • To design, operate and maintain a gas plant production facility for Victoria Oil & Gas’ (VOG) Logbaba field development
  • Expro has developed the gas plant to deliver fuel gas to Bassa Power Station in Douala providing 20 MW of power to Cameroon’s national grid, with a second power station expected to come online to provide 30 MW 
Expro Excellence
  • Expro provided well test services and while Gaz de Cameroon (GDC) awaited their production licence Expro were able to support production with minimal equipment – by 2011 Expro were able to respond to upgrade requests
  • A gas plant was provided by Expro on a lease, operate and maintain basis,
  • designed to provide suitably conditioned gas for local electricity power generation and condensate as a marketable by- product, and later sold to GDC whilst operated and maintained by Expro 
Value to client
  • Expro were able to begin support with a well test package, which then gradually upgraded the facility avoiding extensive upfront capex costs
  • The gas fuelled power stations address a shortage in the country’s electricity supply due to a strong increase in demand, combined with a lack of reserve – critical to Cameroon’s infrastructure needs
  • GDC and VOC can provide ENEO, Cameroon’s National Energy Utility Company, with continuous uptime for fuel gas delivery 

For further information, please contact production@exprogroup.com