Modelling support avoids downhole equipment failure and costly fishing operations

In Brief
Expro provide invaluable modelling support which prevented incorrect component selection for bottomhole equipment configuration
Product Line
Asia, Middle East And North Africa
  • eni had a multi-well integrated project in Asia Pacific requiring long intervals (some zones over 100 feet) to be perforated
  • A global track record with eni meant Expro were called upon to provide TCP services
  • To maximise productivity, 7" 12 SPF BH charges were selected
  • The development wells were drilled from drill centres via a 5th generation semi-submersible moored rig in water depths up to 431 meters
Expro Excellence
  • As part of Expro's pre-job preparation, standard 2 7/8" EUE threads were identified during high shock modelling as having the potential to fail given the bottomhole equipment configuration
  • Prior to manufacturing, Expro recommended the threads were changed to 3 1/2" EUE
  • Successful completion of all jobs to date
  • Project management expertise to integrate TCP, DST, well test, slickline, and subsea operations - Expro were also able to mobilise start-up operational and support teams whilst meating eni's fast implementation times from contract award
Value to client
  • If modelling had not been performed, the potential for perforating gun failure on a high visibility well could have caused an equipment failure, leaving equipment downhole, requiring a costly fishing operation
  • Three wells have been completed to date, with up to three zones per well
  • 100% of shots fired and no lost time
  • Fast track mobilisation meaning eni could keep the rig working and not face costly standby time and idle crews - eni were able to perforate and test the first two wells as equipment was arriving

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