Innovation drives efficiency in rigless well abandonment in Southern North Sea

In Brief
Innovation drives efficiency in rigless well abandonment in Southern North Sea
Well Abandonment
Europe CIS
  • Major North Sea operator to permanently abandon all wells and decomission their facility (first production 1996)
  • Five well campaign planned for 70 days
  • Delivered via rigless thru-tubing abandonment supported by a self-erecting jack-up barge
  • Challenges included potential salt accumulations in wells restricting wellbore access
Expro Excellence
  • Multi barrier perforation: a combination of existing technology (and Expro proven track record of perforating through multiple barriers using standard deep penetrating or big hole perforating charges) and new technology developed and tested
  • New technology: successful design, development, testing, build and delivery of three new PAC™ gun systems within 82 days of award
  • Delivered on slickline vs e-line
  • All guns (5 x 2.125" guns; 12 x 3.125" guns) run and successfully fired
  • A total of 12 cement plugs squeezed through the perforating zones to fully comply with abandonment regulations
  • Three successful tubing cuts performed, including cutting a triple encapsulated injection line to ensure no conduit was left through cement plugs
  • Client commendation received for performance
Value to client
  • No rig required: tubing remained in the well
  • No requirement for e-line: one PCE rig up per well which saved time
  • Reduced personnel costs: 3-man, multi-disciplined, intervention crew
  • Safe, cost-effective, technology-driven solutions

New technology: Owen's PAC™ (Plug & Abandonment - Circulation)

A long-term working relationship between Expro and Owen Oil Tools contributed to the accelerated design, development and delivery of the three new PAC™ gun systems:

  • Superior option to standard tubing/casing perforators
  • 0-360 degree coverage
  • Large diameter exit holes
  • Designed and developed to produce limtied damage to secondary string regardless of primary to secondary string orientation
  • Multiple tubing/casing string penetration

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