Identifying underperforming wells and prolonging field life of Centrica’s UKCS assets

In Brief
Expro Meters key in identifying underperforming wells and prolonging the field life of UKCS assets
Product Line
Europe CIS
  • Centrica Energy required real-time production rates from each well in the field for reservoir management and work- over planning – they had explored the range of potential replacement technologies for existing venturi meters, including installing new in-line differential pressure meters, as well as traditional ultrasonic-type meters 
Expro Excellence
  • Expro’s ActiveSONAR™ flow meter was selected by Centrica Energy following consideration of the following parameters: cost of acquisition; installation; total cost of ownership; measurement quality; repeatability; and turndown ratio
  • Installation of ActiveSONAR™ meters on 44 producing wells, across six platforms
  • No field shutdown time associated with meter installation, commissioning and testing
  • Clamp-on solution ensures a small footprint in terms of personnel and equipment
  • Efficient: short rig-up and rig-down time 
Value to client
  • Was an important tool for Centrica to evaluate individual well allocation
  • In conjunction with temperature monitoring and production logging tools (PLTs), the sonar well testing helped analyse the impact of liquid loading in the wells
  • Production trends enabled the Centrica Energy production engineering team to identify underperforming wells and implement deliquification strategies such as well cycling
  • Centrica Energy was able to select candidates for well intervention models such as foaming, which helps prolong the field life of the asset 

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