Flexible approach enables Saipem to deliver project, avoiding costs of up to $100k per day

In Brief
Expro’s flexible approach enables Saipem to deliver time-critical project, avoiding costs of up to $100,000 per day, whilst maintaining the highest standards of quality and consistency
Product Line
Equipment Sales
Asia, Middle East And North Africa
  • Expro have a proven track record of working with Saipem and have established a strong working relationship
  • Saipem contacted Expro’s Equipment Sales team to refurbish existing burner booms, following a contract extension from Saudi Aramco for the Perro Negro 7 rig, which crucially had a critical deadline 
Expro Excellence
  • Expro’s Equipment Sales team adapted their usual process for refurbishing burner booms to meet Saipem’s requirements
  • Burner booms in need of refurbishment are normally shipped, then received by Expro’s fabrication shop in Dubai for the necessary work to be undertaken
  • Expro responded to Saipem’s challenge by offering to refurbish the booms in the Arsy Shipyard, Bahrain, which allowed the process to be completed in a shorter timeframe
  • By relocating to Arsy, Expro overcame the challenge of establishing links with new supply companies, incorporating them into the SAP system and having them audited in a very short period of time; Expro also had to arrange personnel to relocate to Arsy Shipyard for the duration of the refurbishment in order to supervise the work, ensuring the quality of the work met Expro’s rigorous standards 
Value to client
  • Expro’s flexible approach provided Saipem with a solution that would meet tight deadlines, saving time and money – avoiding approximately $100,000 per day of rig time costs if Saipem had not met the deadline
  • Existing relationships with Expro ensured consistency of the product for Saipem, as well as the reassurance of robust standards of quality from Expro 

For further information, please contact equipment.sales@exprogroup.com