Expro provide topside process equipment for 90 day heavy oil EWT

In Brief
Expro provide topside process equipment for 90-day heavy oil EWT
Product Line
Well Testing
Europe CIS
  • The provision of topside process equipment for Xcite Energy’s Bentley Field (Northern North Sea) for 90-day heavy oil extended well testing (EWT) 
Expro Excellence
  • Topside facility designed to process and meter 7,000 bopd of 10-12 deg API oil with water cuts of up to 90% - dual electric submersible pump (ESP) intelligent completion, DNV drill class N equipment, data-to-desk transmission, steam and export package
  • 3,700 bbls/day of crude oil exported to tanker
  • 19% water cut exported to tanker
  • 0.3 MMscf/day of associated gas flared
  • Expro de-gassed and stabilised produced well fluids from three-phase (oil, water and gas) to two-phase (oil and water) before pipeline hose export to FPSE/tanker vessel 
Value to client
  • Objectives complete:
  • To resolve and reduce reservoir uncertainties and collect data for the design of process facilities and flow assurance programs
  • Provide data for future field development including oil productivity, and oil, gas and water movement 

For further information, please contact welltesting@exprogroup.com