Expro provide an operator in Asia with cutting tool for coiled tubing fishing operations

In Brief
Expro provide Petronas with cutting tool for coiled tubing fishing operations
Product Line
Well Intervention
Asia, Middle East And North Africa
  • An operator in Asia were experiencing reduced production rates on a recently drilled and completed well – remedial ops were to perform a routine N2 lift with coil tubing
  • N2 lift through 1.5” coil tubing string – whilst running in hole to the target depth of 2,996 meters, the coil tubing string got stuck at 2,986 meters
  • Expro were asked to provide a radial cutting torch (RCT) suitable to cut coil tubing 
Expro Excellence
  • Rapid mobilisation of RCT package – unlike conventional cutters which require chemicals, the non-hazardous Expro RCT could be dispatched immediately along with a specialist Expro engineer
  • The very lowest part of the BHA was disconnected by dropping a ball and pressuring up; the coil was pulled with over tension and held in position with clamps and slings above the BOPs and then cut; e-line was then rigged up with the RCT and introduced to the free end of the coil
  • Prior to running the RCT attempts were made to fill the coil with water, but on each occasion it drained away – while running in hole, no fluid contact was observed and there was significant weight loss at 2,516 meters
  • The target cutting depth was 2,070 meters at a deviation of 46 degrees, which required the RCT anchor to be fitted with 1” roller wheels at the top and bottom, and after discussing with the client it was agreed to pick up to 2,070 meters and initiate the cut
  • 2,070 metres target depth was discussed and agreed with the client to avoid any possible damage to the completion tubing 
Value to client
  • Ran in depth; fired tool successfully; observed change in surface tension to confirm cut; pulled out of hole; recovered fish from well
  • Alternative courses of action such as a milling operation and workover would have taken over four weeks
  • Production tubing undamaged by RCT and after subsequent fishing operations allowed back on production without workover
  • Saved valuable rig time due to rapid mobilisation, which in turn allowed the release of the rig for other operations 

For further information, please contact wellintervention@exprogroup.com