Expro modular package reduces installation time by 75% gaining 68 man days

In Brief
Expro modular package reduces installation time by 75%, gaining 68 man days
Product Line
Well Testing
Europe CIS
  • Expro has been on board the Transocean Searcher with traditional temporary installed well test equipment since the late 1990s
  • Norwegian regulations require all equipment to be permanently fixed to the deck
Expro Excellence
  • Expro invented a fastening system, avoiding the need for permanently welded equipment to the deck; this allowed equipment to be removed between campaigns, when transitioning between summer and winter seasons
  • Expro designed an industry-leading, world first, modular package introducing the following key features: – A repackaged heat exchanger that is smaller is size but with the same efficiency, stacked to reduce the overall footprint – Sea fastening with ISO twist locks therefore can also fasten other equipment on top – A false deck housing all the piping to mitigate trip hazards – Retractable gangways and escape routes for ease of installation as well as flexible options (connections can be any side of the frame to adapt to rig layout) – Pre-fabricated, fire resistant, composite grating – Use of self-supporting base frames to spread deck loads – Instrumentation permanently installed into modules/skids (e.g. lighting, services and utilities) – Reduced exposure to hydrocarbons using sampling cabinets
  • Further enhancements were introduced integrating ancillary equipment into package means less lifts and quicker installation; onshore SIT was complete in one day, proving the design, which led to shortening the rig up time offshore
  • Rig up reduced from 85 man days for traditional packages to approximately 17 man days – gaining 68 man days, a 75% reduction
Value to client

A more efficient modular package with a smaller footprint: – Cost savings due to a quicker installation – Improved flexibility in package shipments

Equipment could be left on the rig as sea fastening with ISO twist locks allowed other equipment to be secured

Improved equipment access due to skid and walkway layout

Safety: – Reduction in crane operations (as well as freeing up the crane for other activities) – Man hour reduction during installation – Lighter equipment and less manual handling – Less exposure to hydrocarbons

Less interference with drilling activities

Reduced personnel on board due to a smaller crew required: reduced periods of time on the rig made travel and accommodation provision easier to facilitate


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