Expro involved in world-first offshore Japanese hydrate trials

In Brief
Expro involved in world-first offshore Japanese hydrate trials
Product Line
Asia, Middle East And North Africa
  • In 2009, Japan Drilling Company (JDC) approached Expro, and a number of other
  • service companies, to collaborate on the
  • project
  • Establish criteria for commercial production of natural gas from frozen methane hydrate by 2018
Expro Excellence
  • Expro’s involvement began nearly 10 years ago, following early studies on the production of hydrates and played critical role in first successful marine methane hydrate production well test offshore Japan
  • The final design to enable a well test to be performed – required adapting Expro’s subsea system to accommodate electrical feed-throughs for downhole pumps and heaters
  • Significant engineering work required to ensure the unique system was fit-for- purpose, requiring collaboration between various stakeholders
  • Expro provided the modified subsea safety system and downhole pressure gauges for the well test
Value to client
  • Japan were the first country to have produced methane from hydrate formations below the seabed as a result of the well test
  • Strategically important to Japan as a means of reducing their dependency on foreign gas imports in the future 

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