Expro-designed dynamic underbalanced perforating improves production

In Brief
13,000 - 13,500ft measured depth, up to 12 shots per foot, one trip with sequential firing
Production Optimisation
Product Line
North and Latin America
  • A large, independent operator in Alaska contacted Expro to undertake an evaluation of an enhanced recompletion method to improved production of an existing offshore well
  • The client wanted to improve production through the recompletion using TCP dynamic underbalance perforating
Expro Excellence
  • Working collaboratively with reservoir engineers from Expro Group Integrated Service (EGIS), the client’s reservoir was evaluated considering: formation type and compressive strength; porosity and permeability; pressures existing in the formation and wellbore; bottomhole temperature; and completion fluid used
  • Pre-job modelling allowed Expro to optimise the completion by recommending TCP dynamic underbalance perforating
  • Down hole fast gauges were placed in close proximity to perforating guns, which measured event parameters (pressure/temperature) validated the pre-job model calculations
  • Upon firing the assembly (with specially loaded guns, strategically constructed and placed dynamic underbalance chambers), the formation fluid surged at the optimum pressure to clean up the perforation tunnel within the formation to allow maximum flow
Value to client
  • Several zones within the wall were perforated and subequently tested for each zone
  • Increased production and long-term enhanced results - the well has returned to production and now consistently generating revenue
  • Restored confidence - fast gauge data confirmed the perforating program was correctly modelled and effectively executed

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For further information, please contact DST-TCP@exprogroup.com