Developing engineered solutions for successful rigless abandonment

In Brief
Expro work with BP to develop engineered solutions for successful rigless abandonment of Miller Platform wells
Product Line
Well Abandonment
Europe CIS
  • Expro worked with BP to develop engineered solutions for successful rigless abandonment of Miller Platform wells 
Expro Excellence
  • Services supplied included drift runs to ascertain through-bore access, and acquisition of pressure and temperature data – crucial in defining the final well abandonment design and methodology
  • Due to the presence of deep set control lines, production tubing was pulled from seven of the drilling slots, with the remaining 15 wells abandoned thru- tubing involving explosive punching followed by circulation of viscous pill and final placement of cement plug – a minimum of three cement plugs were set in each well
  • The reservoir was first isolated through the installation of wireline set mechanical bridge plugs, run through tubing and then set in the liner above the main reservoir
  • In addition to standard operations, and in support of rigless abandonment, Expro engineered perforating gun strings to perforate multiple eccentric tubing and casing strings prior to cementing operations
  • Specifically, Expro were able to orientate the perforating guns to sit on the low side and adjusted charge penetration to perforate selectively the 5” production tubing and 95/8” casing, without perforating the 133/8 casing 
Value to client
  • Contract was undertaken on a risk and reward basis
  • Expro performed pre-abandonment logging operations to establish well integrity prior to finalising the abandoned design for each well
  • Large number of operations performed with high level of operational efficiency
  • Subsurface knowledge of well construction and completion design, provided insight into potential abandonment hazards – eccentric casing
  • Ability to engineer tools to meet rigless abandonment requirements 

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