Customised PSD/ESD electronic system and enhanced well testing saves client two rig days ($800k)

In Brief
Expro’s outstanding track record and reputation for well testing in Brazil leads to new work producing a customised PSD/ESD electronic system and enhanced well testing equipment; saving client two rig days circa $800k per day
Product Line
Well Testing
North and Latin America
  • A major international operator requested a bespoke (PSD)/emergency shut down (ESD) electronic system with specific requirements to ensure the best safety system during operations
  • This was the first time Expro had worked with this client in Brazil to supply well testing equipment and a new PSD/ESD electronic system and enhanced well testing equipment 
Expro Excellence
  • Expro fabricated a new electronic PSD/ESD locally in Brazil – an intrinsically safe system with field bus communication protocol, allowing the client to shut the well in under 10 seconds from any point of the rig
  • The proposal from Expro used a separator with an enhanced testing coriolis skid, which allowed flow directly into the separator to measure gas and liquid during the clean-up phase – saving operation time
  • The team in Brazil successfully overcame several challenges in dealing with local suppliers for parts and materials that met the specific requirements of the project
  • Expro’s Well Testing team also collaborated with other Expro product lines (Fluids, Wireless Well Solutions and Subsea) 
Value to client
  • The client successfully completed the well test for the project using a customised PSD/ESD, fabricated to their exact requirements
  • Saved two rig days (circa. $800K per day) 

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