ActiveSONAR™ provide accurate non-instrusive measurement of drilling fluids

In Brief
Expro’s ActiveSONAR™ flow meters provide accurate non-intrusive measurement of drilling fluids
Product Line
  • Client requires a sophisticated and cost- effective method for the measurement of drilling fluid flow rate to overcome the limitations of traditional measurement methods 
Expro Excellence
  • Expro’s ActiveSONAR flow meter is ideally suited for measuring the flow of drilling fluids and has been qualified for the use in conventional and managed pressure drilling (MPD) operations
  • Successfully deployed on drilling operations and proven track record
  • One man rig up with no rig down time
  • Non-intrusive design with no wear parts,
  • therefore maintenance-free
  • No in-situ calibration required
  • Suited for oil-based and water-based drilling fluids
  • High accuracy flow measurement in fluids with high solid content
  • Wide turn-down to cover all expected flow rates during drilling operations – changes in fluid properties does not affect measurement performance
  • ATEX./IECEX Zone 1 and US/Canada Clas1/Div2 rated for rig floor operations
  • Compatible with industry standard mud logging systems 
Value to client
  • Expro’s ActiveSONAR™ has benefits over traditional measurement methods:
  • Avoidance of human error: risk of miscount especially when switching between various pump sizes and running multiple pumps
  • Enables a more proactive approach: traditional metering has a lack of real-time flow rates
  • Drilling mud pump efficiency: counting strokes does not account for physical wear on the pump liner, which can cause differences between theoretical and actual pumping rates
  • Cost-effective compared to coriolis-type meters and does not occupy a large space on the rig floor