ABP system ensures operations during gas influxes while ubd, saving time and money

In Brief
Expro’s ABP system ensures operations can continue during gas influxes while under- balanced drilling, saving time and money with a fast and user-friendly system
Product Line
North and Latin America
  • To provide an under-balanced drilling (UBD) solution to control bottomhole pressure and minimise reservoir problems 
Expro Excellence
  • Expro's Automatic Back Pressure (ABP) system maintains an accurate setpoint pressure more accurately and with much less deviation than alternative solutions offered by other service providers
  • ABP system capable of maintaining a setpoint pressure during connections to maintain bottomhole pressure (see figure 1)
  • While drilling, the rig encountered significant gas influxes and kicks in the lateral section – initially the system was used to simulate mud weight rather than increasing the mud weight further
  • During kicks (see figure 2) the choke opens, relieving pressure on the well and allowing the rig to continue drilling whilst maintaining the bottomhole pressure between the pore pressure and fracture pressure window - saving valuable time and money
  • Fast and user-friendly in comparison to alternative providers 
Value to client
  • Allows a lighter mud weight to be used as a result of maintaining control of the bottomhole pressure, therefore reducing drilling fluid costs
  • By maintaining BHP during gas influxes the client was able to drill ahead reducing non- productive time (NPT)
  • Rig was able to continue drilling, rather than closing in the well, which saved the operator time and money