100% performance score over 8 wells by Chevron for Gorgon field

In Brief
Expro’s adaptive and flexible approach to fluid sampling and onsite analysis results in 100% performance score over eight wells by Chevron, providing them with the best fluids representation to date for the Gorgon field
Product Line
Asia, Middle East And North Africa
  • Chevron’s reservoir engineers requested specialist services for their Gorgon flow back campaign (eight wells)
  • The challenge for each flow back was to acquire quantification and composition of condensed water and reliable measurement of mercury content in the produced gas 
Expro Excellence
  • Technology used: Expro Petrotech IsoSplit® wellhead sampling; Expro Petrotech Multi- Ion Analyser; Expro Petrotech Mercury in Gas Analysis
  • Expro Petrotech IsoSplit wellhead sampling is a unique solution for condensed water measurement – it’s principle use is for accurate condensate/gas ratio (CGR) measurement and the collection of high quality equilibrium separator samples, but water/gas ratio (WGR) can also be quantified during the flashing of the IsoSplit process unit
  • Gave the best insight to condensed water levels, especially when incorporated with the salinity and multi-ion analysis results
  • Fast report turnaround – “detail and quality of the reports were outstanding”
  • 100% performance score over eight wells 
Value to client
  • Without reliable data, production problems could occur once feeds come online – smart planning by harvesting quality data in the lead up to the production phase will mitigate against unforeseen process costs in the future
  • Chevron commented that the onsite mercury analysis provided the best representation to date of the field mercury in gas levels
  • Engineering team had a much better understanding of individual well characteristics and overall field performance
  • Excellent communication with the onsite Fluids team, coupled with initiative and willingness to be adaptive led to progressive improvements in the sampling programme 

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