A well integrity data management solution designed to meet operators' needs

A well integrity data management solution designed to meet operators' needs

Monitoring and reporting on well integrity performance

SafeWells enables operators to improve safety and maximise well availability by providing visibility of integrity issues across their well stock. Data input can be configured to use customers' existing reporting and documentation structures, to ensure a rapid and effective implementation of the system.

Electronic forms 

SafeWells can be configured to record any activity that is performed on the well such as well integrity tests, annulus blowdowns and top ups, interventions and valve replacements. The system implemented by the operator allows the recreation of existing paper based forms to exactly recreate the look and feel that maintenance crews are used to. User-friendly electronic forms ensure smooth transition from paper systems to electronic systems.

Well construction 

SafeWells is primarily designed to manage the integrity of wells from the reservoir to the production choke – and all the barriers and safety critical elements in between. Visualisation is a key aspect of the SafeWells system and wells can be 'built' in the system which is representative of the equipment in the field.


SafeWells reports have been specifically generated to support the demonstration of policy compliance to management and legislative authorities.

Electronic well file 

SafeWells allows the upload of well related documentation to provide an electronic well file. Key documentation such as end of well reports, handover documents, certifications, chart recorder outputs, drawings, surveys etc can be added to the system to provide a central library of well-related information.

Management of change 

Further to recording well integrity issues, SafeWells has been developed to provide support relating to management of change. This includes both risk assessments of the well to determine the severity of any problems, and the ability to track dispensations.

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