Expro offers analytical laboratory services from three centers in Europe, e.g. Haugesund, Norway, ADS in Southampton, UK, FAC in Reading, UK and nine satellite laboratories worldwide.

PVT analysis

In order to address the challenges faced in reservoir engineering and PVT analysis techniques, the industry demands that downhole fluid samples are truly representative.  Expro can fulfill this requirement through its complete range of sampling services.  Our PVT experts liaise with the sampling teams to ensure that optimum samples are obtained. (SmartLAB/TurboPVT/ADS)

Mud doping and contamination studies

Sampling during drilling and wireline formation testing heavily depend on fluid contamination levels from drilling mud. Expro has developed special services to be able to back calculate the contamination from drilling mud, by use of three individual technices: OBM, SOBM and WBM.

Onsite analytical services

We have developed client customised analytical services, which includes hydro carbon analysis, GC C36+, Micro GC and oil/gas/water analysis. General gas analysis, e.g. CO2, H2S, sulphur and Hg speciation.

Analytical Data Services (ADS)

Expro's Analytical Data Services (ADS) teams provide detailed high-end chemical analysis underpinned by a strong work ethic, coupled to a flexible approach and customer focus, designed to meet tight deadlines and the specific requirements of Expro's customers.

Sample transfer and Validation – FAC

Expro also offers comprehensive well site to laboratory management of all hydrocarbon, non-hydrocarbon, trace element and water samples. The service range is aimed at securing the highest quality data for facility design related to cost, efficiency, safety and environment. Services and products are provided through a global network of sampling operations and reservoir fluid analysis centres.