28th July 2016
Shannon McPake on her experience with Expro.
13th May 2016
Carlo Lombardi, Business Development Manager, North America
05th May 2016
Peter Cook, Business Development Manager, Production
04th May 2016
Scott Fong, Global Sales Manager, Subsea
03rd May 2016
Kevin Illingworth, Global Well Abandonment Manager
02nd May 2016
Stephen Kelly, Operations Manager, Wireless Well Solutions
29th April 2016
Nigel Webster, Technical Marketing Director
21st April 2016
Expro regularly recognises employees that display one of the company’s seven core behaviours as part of their daily activities
13th April 2016
The need to develop a simple user-friendly system that allows operators to drill challenging wells through the use of MPD.
15th December 2015
Open and honest customer feedback is critical to understand how customers perceive our performance and for identifying areas of