Production Optimisation

Enhancing field production

Maximising oil and gas production from fields requires a multifaceted combination of activities that are generally constrained by the reservoir characteristics, flow performance of the wells and pipeline network, capacity of the surface facilities and the integrity of the system components. Taking in to account cost constraints, determining the optimal operating conditions requires complex interaction between these elements.

Expro understands that optimising individual components within in a system will not necessarily optimise a production system. This can be due to a number of reasons, including increased reservoir draw down, plant capacity constraints or insufficient energy e.g. in an artificially lifted development. If we want to deliver more, we need to optimise the system as a whole.

Production optimisation services

Our production optimisation service combines Expro’s wealth of experience in providing:

  • Reservoir monitoring and data acquisition
  • Well intervention, well integrity and well data acquisition
  • Flow measurement and testing
  • Subsurface and process engineering

Coupled with the application of industry recognised methodologies and exercises, Expro guides our clients through the production optimisation process – from asset screening through to results and recommendations.

We recognise the value of a sustained optimisation approach, making this a permanent process within a client’s organisation.  Our continued engagement maintains an effective, continuous improvement approach, ensuring our clients leave no hidden, future low-cost-per-barrel opportunities.


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